ANWB regularly tests marquees and awnings, as well as marquees and awnings of Unico series.

ANWB test of 2007

UNICO brand was tested three times in the past. In 2007 under the awnings tests, conducted by ANWB KCK association, the combined awnings were tested four times. And UNICO Verona awning was the leader here again. The review of ANWB association was:

  • Awnings are easy to install
  • absence of center post
  • stable as a building
  • detachable mudguards for Unico awnings
  • quite comfortable installation
  • excellent awnings decoration
  • excellent material
  • excellent price/quality ratio

Awnings test of 2010

When conducting awnings testing in 2010, Verona awning was a success again. We inform you with pride that Unico Verona awning has been for several years holding the top position in the ranking of marquees and awnings for caravans.

Genua marquee test, conducted by ANWB association

At benchmark testing, Genua 280 marquee was closely examined. This marquee can be installed within half an hour, this is a quality product – one of the most wind-resistant marquees on the market. ANWB association pointed at such advantages as:

  • detachable mudguards
  • extraordinary wind resistance of Unico marquees and awnings
  • quite a large awning canopy and good ventilation.
  • As a minus it was recorded: impossibility to find any disadvantages!

Conclusion: Due to its construction and material strength Ten Cate All-Season, Genua marquee of UNICO company is one of the most wind resistant existing tents. What attracts your attention – is a large awning canopy, overhanging for a meter, and Due to that the windows on the front side remain dry and clean. What should also be mentioned is a careful decoration and use of high-quality materials.

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