Verona awning is the absolute leader among the awnings in the camping industry

UNICO Verona awning is most famous caravan awning on the market. These unique awnings differ from the competitive brands by number of points. First of all, this awning allows creating form. Unlike the classic awning, UNICO Verona awning is of rounded shape, it contains a flexible framework. This creates a sports impression, but moreover, wind resistance and better water drainage. The middle support under Verona awning during common recreation can be removed, thereby a free entrance is created. Triangular panels in the corners serve as additional protection from wind. The Verona awning has unfastened walls; as an option you can purchase fastening front curtain, which gives the possibility of a awning turning into a marquee. Stretching of Bologna marquee on the tent underside is conducted with the help of a cord unlike the standard tents with elastic. Thereby, the awning is being installed with less effort than the classic ones.

The awning colour
Verona awning is offered in three colours: dark blue with grey, anthracite with grey and champagne colour with black. The depth of this awning amount to approximately 230 cm on the roof and 300 cm – on the ground. Upon the tests on awnings carried out by the ANWB association, UNICO Verona awning was the best on all the tested elements. You can watch this awning installation instruction video on our Web page. Contact us on any questions concerning the awnings for the caravan.

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