Bologna: the fastest installed Unico marquee

Bologna marquee is recognized to be a marquee with the least installation time. Mention of the word “Marquee” makes the customer think that the installation will take plenty of time. But it is not, what is seems, talking about Bologna marquees. It has the same frame, as Unico series Verona awnings do. The frame consists of a flexible framework and three roof timbers, and at the same time the latter are fastened in the center with a help of a quick-lock support. Bologna marquee depth is 280 cm, its side and front walls can be unfastened. A closable ventilation window is built into the ridge, two air holes closable at the outer side are situated on the front wall

On the underside Bologna marquee is pulled on by cords. UNICO marquees and awnings are provided without curtains; canopies, with which help the windows can be shaded, are located on the inner side of the marquee.

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