Cleaning of your marquees and awnings

  • Cleaning of your marquees and awnings
  • use large amount of water and soft brush, when cleaning your marquee or awning
  • wet the marquee first, and use the brush
  • wash off the dirt from marquee
  • clean windows in the same way, as the tent material
  • don’t apply cleaning fluids and alcohol to polyvinylchloride surfaces



Voortenten Unico | Schoonmaken met een zachte borstel

Detachable mudguards Easy Clean for Unico marquees and awnings

Detachable mudguards cleaning always takes much time, but not with Unico. Just take them from under the marquee or the awning and wash off with a large amount of water. The difference is only in one operation, and the marquee may remain. As a result, the marquee cleaning is so easy and it quickly becomes dry.

Storage of your marquees and awnings

Due to marquee or awning daily maintenance, its operation life is being increased significantly. Ten Cate All Season cloth specially developed by “Ten Cate” remains its excellent appearance for many years.

For good cleaning you can leave the best marquee on the caravan. The tourists, who are in a forest zone or near a lake for the whole season, conduct thorough marquee cleaning with the use of a large amount of water once a year. Hose the marquee, wait until it is dry, pack it and – everything is ready.

Cleaning of marquees and awnings: it is prohibited to do so

  • don’t apply cleaning fluids for cleaning marquees and awnings
  • don’t apply soap for cleaning marquees and awnings
  • be careful with exhaust gases of cars
  • a hairspray, a deodorant, an insecticide and etc. may erode the impregnation.
  • be careful with insecticides, don’t spray them on the tents holes