Unico is characterised by easy installation

Easy installation is something that people, who are looking for a marquee, are in need of, and that is what distinguishes UNICO marquees.

Is it easy to install Verona awning?

Having installed the caravan horizontally, it is allowed to lay a draft layer under the caravan, and then cover the wheels. A wheel cover (standard for a right one) is equipped with a vien, but as an option for additional price it is supplied in rounded shape. If the entrance step of your caravan is low, you will need an appropriate draft layer. A good example can be Fendt brand.

Now the awning should be stretched through the caravan rail. It is recommended to be done by two persons, because it will give you the possibility to ensure that the rail doesn’t capture uneven sides, which could damage the tent vien. We stretch the awning vertically downward, then to the left and to the right. A double triangle is being formed on both the sides, there is a “zip” fastener at these points of the triangle, so it is possible to get to the hatch quickly and easily. Easy installation – is something that strongly distinguishes this point from the standard marquees of dismountable frameworks.

Now you need to install the flexible framework of UNICO Verona awning and equip it with stretching strap. After that bring the flexible framework in built-up condition to the caravan and put it into the tunnel gutter. Then put a long cord in the center on the front side around the flexible framework and fix by a tent post, what will not allow the bent pipe to move away from the caravan. The supplied Quick-Lock support system allows installing on the second tent vien, then couple the roof timbers and fastening them to the bent pipe by quick-acting clip.

Before you stretch the awning sides, you need to stretch the flexible framework at the required height, which depends on the foundation. We believe that after this instruction you will be convinced that it is easy to install UNICO marquees and awnings. More information you will find in the instruction video.

See how easy are Unico product at installation:

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