Flexible frameworks in a marquee and a awning

Flexible frameworks of UNICO awnings are made of aluminum. The diameter of such frameworks is 30 mm, the walls thickness is about 1.4 mm. These frameworks are interconnected with the help of a flexible cable, thus, there is no need to select separate tent frameworks. Once you have connected the frameworks, the framework should be fixed by a stretching cord. This cord will provide a constant distance between the frameworks. For UNICO marquees and awnings we have selected flexible frameworks with a diameter of 30 mm and walls thickness of 1.4 mm, as opposed to other brands with the framework thickness of 28 mm.

Flexible frameworks: advantages

The form that a Unico awning or a marquee can be shaped into using such frameworks is typical. And it is not just that each tent has its own appearance, the form can have other advantages. Due to the rounded shape of Unico marquees and awnings, there won’t be any “bags” on your roof. In addition, such marquees and awnings are more wind-resistant, because the wind has less moisture.

The so-called “Power grip” clips are used for installation of flexible frameworks in upright position for Unico marquees and awnings. Due to these clips, flexible frameworks can be smoothly displaced, and thus the surface damage can be avoided.

Voortenten Unico | power-grip in Unico voortenten en luifels

This diameter was chosen because there are big chords from 500 to 775 cm, when using a awning without a column support.

Voortenten Unico | De boogstokken zorgt voor een kenmerkende stormvaste vorm