“Power-grip” clips are standard elements for Unico marquees and awnings.

“Power-grip” clips represent a new method of tents stretching. First of all, a range of holes entered by a splint was designed for expanding according to height or depth. Then there was a turn, and the support length was changed with the help of butterfly nut with the advantage of possibility to smoothly fix the support, and disadvantage of thread grooves on the support. Now the “Power-grip” clip seems to be usual, it is quicker and easier in operation; the supports parts are not being damaged, and as opposed to the classic fastenings, the stretching can be carried out by one person. You don’t need another person for installation, when using “Power-grip” clips. With one hand you expand the support, and with other hand fix the clip.

Voortenten Unico | Power-Grip klem

“Power-grip” clip and Unico marquees and awnings

UNICO marquees were also selected for these clips, on a flexible framework of 30 cm with the wall thickness of 1.4 mm. Only one clip is placed on each side, and that allows you to adjust the height. Camping places are not always even for a marquee or a awning placement that is why it is always possible to adjust the necessary height using flexible frameworks, thus having avoided difficulties. Three timbers on the roof (if the sizes on the perimeter are big, there can be 5 roof timbers) are fastened only with the help of these clips. And if you are choosing or have chosen Genua marquee, three short roof timbers of a awning canopy with clips are, undoubtedly, attached to them.

UVoortenten Unico | nico Genua voortent met power-grip klemmen

All the marquees and awnings of UNICO range are equipped by “Power-grip” clips

Regardless of the caravan you choose, an ordinary or the one with a lifting roof, all these products are equipped by “Power-grip” clips. Being potential tourists with a marquee or a awning, you should take into account that “Power-grip” clips on the tent supports are not standard elements. But it is a standard in UNICO series, and would like to surprise you by the fact that there is nothing except for the easy installation of flexible frameworks and roof timbers equipped with “Power-grip” clips. Upon watching of our UNICO marquees and awnings installation instruction video on our site, you will be convinced that it is possible to easily and quickly install UNICO marquee or a awning using “Power-grip” clips.

Three small videos, where you can see “Power-grip” clips in action are placed on our Web-site. There is a short video with instruction on the page of UNICO Verona awnings, but it concerns Genua marquee or a awning for caravans with lifting top Eriba Touring. It is also possible to buy these clips. But if you have a marquee or a awning, the supports of which were formerly fixed by butterfly nuts, it is enough to buy one clip with the new part of the support. There can be uneven borders and grooves on the support old element, but this support should be smooth and without damages for the clip perfect work.