Quick Lock system supports; no holes in a caravan

Due to the use of Quick-Lock supports, there is no need anymore to screw them to a caravan. Special elements should have been screwed to the caravan for a marquee or a awning installation formerly. One of the consequences of such elements use (because of the fact that bolts passed through the lining) was a leak. Now there is no such a need (to screw a marquee to a caravan), thereby, the number of damages, for example, leak and rust on the side wall, was reduced significantly.

Quick-Lock support – how does it work?

How does such a Quick-Lock system operate? In order to use such supports, marquees and awnings should be equipped with double vien. A thick vien is used for stretching through the caravan rail in order to fasten the marquee or the awning to the caravan. Quick-Lock plastic support is screwed to the second thinner vien; upon its fixing to the vien, it is possible to fasten the support; packing rubber on the back side of the support will prevent the caravan damage. The work of Quick-Lock support is clearly seen on the image below.

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