For Unico marquees and awnings cloth Ten Cate All Season is used.

Unico company pays much attention to the decoration and quality of the materials. That is why for marquees and awnings only cloth Ten Cate All Season is used. Tent cloth has some important characteristics, which are particularly suitable for application in marquees and awnings.

The material of UNICO marquees is called Ten Cate All Season. This cloth is an own unique design of Ten Cate company. Polyester provides firmness and durability, and PVC fiber absorbs moisture and thereby prevents condensate formation. Acrylic cover with micropores makes the cloth waterproof, protected from bad weather and lasting.

Tent cloth is easy to clean. Besides, the product meets the requirements of environment protection. Ten Cate All Season cloth is suitable for roofs and side walls. Covered side should go outside.


Voortenten Unico | Ten Cate All Season