Verona awning of the Unico series.

Verona of UNICO company is the most famous product in UNICO assortment. It is present at assortment since the very beginning. At the beginning Verona awning was offered in a blue-yellow performance. Such a performance doesn’t exist anymore, it was replaced by three variants in reserved colour palette. And namely: blue/grey, anthracite/grey and the colours of champagne/black.

Verona awnings test.

ANWB association examined Verona awning twice under a microscope, after that it received a praising speech. The first test was carried out in 2007, when the four combined awnings were tested, including Verona.
ANWB Association considered “Verona awning of UNICO series is not the cheapest one, but you buy a quality”. Due to a stable flexible framework of the size 30 × 1,4 mm Verona awnings can withstand the most severe weather strikes. Besides, Verona awning has a lot of innovations: the detachable side panels are made with wind-screens, so you will be more secure. The awning is made with detachable mudguards that are fairly easily detached. Verona awning stretching is performed not by a rubber ring, but by a cord. Installation of the awning is simple, when the holiday is common, the center rail can be removed, the awning is like a house, and detachable mudguards will save you from the inconveniences of Verona awning removing.

Besides, the awning can be extended by the rear detachable awning. In combination with the front curtain you can easily make a full-fledged marquee. A set of portal walls for Verona awnings is a new product in the assortment. With this set you will make a half-marquee and a half-awning. Part of the awning is always on the side of the drawbar.

Verona awning.

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