Wind resistance is a strong point of Unico marquees and awnings.

Wind resistance is one of the main questions while purchasing a marquee or an awning. During the tests carried out by ANWB Association in KCK in 2007, Unico Verona awning was recognized as the most wind resistant awning in the combined test. Four eminent brands took part in it. ANWB called the awning wind resistance in such a way: “UNICO Verona awning stands as a house”.

And why Unico marquees and awnings are so wind resistant?

Why is UNICO wind resistant, while a classic tent with a frame of frameworks, that has hinges in its angles and in the center, is less resistant? And the answer is: because UNICO marquees and awnings have no frames with hinge joints in the angles, which cause the slope to the side. To make UNICO awning wind resistant, a flexible framework was chosen. Such a framework is connected with an elastic cord with other frameworks, that is why isolated frameworks are in the past. Flexible frameworks are inserted one into another and a band is stretched at the bottom centrally on the buckle. Thus, the frameworks remain in perpetual strain. Because of that fact that the flexible framework is unmovable, it us bent and doesn’t make any lateral displacements. So it is a distinguishing characteristic in respect to the hinged frame, where a wind knee is required, which control the awning. As the flexible framework is introduced into the channel during installation, the wind doesn’t raise the cloth from the framework. It is possible with a classic tent, when the awning curtain lies on three pegs.

But it is not the end. To provide wind resistance of the awnings UNICO company equipped the marquees and awnings at the bottom with small cords for awning or marquee tension. In contrast to the classic tents, which are stretched by the rubber gasket or band coupler.

Voortenten Unico | Stormvast bij Unico Voortenten

Wind resistance is a distinguishing characteristic of all the assortment of UNICO marquees and awnings.

The company has other wind resistant products, and this product was tested by в ANWB association on wind resistance. When we talk about UNICO Genua marquee, ANWB association writes into the report about marquees tests: “Great wind resistance!” Such a marquee you will be able to install in half an hour, and this qualitative product we can call without any modesty one of the most wind resistant of all marquees available on the market.

Voortenten Unico | Genua voortenten stormvast

Thus, if you are looking for an awning or a tent with a great wind resistance, you won’t miss UNICO marquees and awnings. For a usual caravan we can offer four products in the category “wind resistance”. Awnings Verona, marquees Bologna and Genua and also porch tents. For caravan Eriba with folding head a limited line in the category “wind resistance” is offered. In such a case it is possible to choose awning Verona or marquee Bologna.

If you still have any questions on the wind resistance, we ask you to send e-mail to us with tips and proposals on UNICO marquees and awnings. And you can also order an advertising prospect on Unico marquees and awnings.