Adria caravans made a huge jump forward.

Adria Caravans were considered before economy brands, but over the time they have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of caravans in Europe, with a complete, high-quality and purchased product range. UNICO marquee on the caravan completely changes the picture. In recent years the range of Adria caravans changed and improved several times. In the program of model year 2012 we will see again Action caravan and Adiva series caravans will be replaced by Astella series.

If you are looking for a modern easy-mounted awnings or marquees, UNICO series can not miss you as the owner of Adria caravan from his field of vision. In UNICO assortment are included: Verona, Bologna and Genua marquees, porch tents of types 350 and 500.


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