For 2012 year season Caravelair caravans presnt with honour a new collection of caravans.

Caravelair caravans, marquees and awnings have much in common: one and others have a successful assortment, which is intended to cater your taste.

And such a beautiful caravan, of course, requires a beautiful marquee or awning. Verona awning in UNICO series was designed specially for Caravelair caravan. This awning was chosen the best by ANWB association in the combined trials. For the caravanners, who like to wander with a marquee, UNICO company produced two models of marquees – Bologna and Genua. And whether you travel alone or with children, there will be always a choice with Caravelair caravan.

Caravelair caravans are light caravans with beautiful design, which is combined with a favorable price, so you can enjoy your vacation in the best way. In order to create a unit, UNICO awnings and canopies would be just in time.

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