UNICO is the main supplier for caravans Eriba

Eriba Touring caravan.

Aerodynamic shape, low self-weight, compact size and modest overall height and lifting roof – these are the properties of Touring caravan. Awning Verona and marquee Bologna were designed for these classic caravans of Eriba assortment. Both products are made with models Troll, Triton, and Familia.

Eriba Feeling voortenten

Eriba Feeling caravan is a modern interpretation of a perfect caravan. The series of these models combines driving advantages of a classic convertible caravan, a concept of the royal dwelling and an attractive sporting design. New – Feeling 230, the smallest convertible caravan with the biggest bed!

Awnings Verona and Bologna marquees were designed special for Feeling caravans. Both of the products are manufactured for models: 470, 430, 425 en 390.

Marquees for Eriba caravans.

For models Eriba Nova marquees and awnings are made to order because of severe rounding on the back side. If a standard marquee is installed on such an exclusive caravan, there will be some difficulties, because the shape of the back side does not quite fit. For a small bonus to the price UNICO company invites you to purchase the appropriate awnings and marquees.

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