Fendt caravan and UNICO marquee or awning get along well

Fendt caravan is a qualitative brand and after Hobby brand is the best-selling brand in the Netherlands. It is noteworthy that “UNICO marquees” brand is one of the main suppliers for Fendt, when it comes to awnings and marquees for a caravan. Fendt caravan with awning Verona and Genua marquee – are a camping picture. Make sure of the easy installation of UNICO marquees and watch the movie with the instructions on our website: www.unicovoortenten.nl

For those who didn’t know that Fendt caravans had been produced for a long time in Mertingham(Germany). Look the hitory of Fendt brand. Here is a post of “Hobby caravans” company about Fendt caravans selling in 1997 year. So, there can be no question about similar DNA, more than most, it is a cross-pollination of that time. The difference in quality, however, remained for years.

Voortenten Unico | Fendt caravans

How appeared Fendt caravan.

Fendt is a German brand of agricultural machinery which was created by brothers Fendt. The brand was establiawning in Marktoberdorf in Bavaria. “Fendt” company began with the production of tractors, but now they produce combines and presses along with tractors. In 1930 the first tractor was produced with the capacity of six horsepowers. The tractor was called Dieselross. All this time the company produces tractors, which improve with the time, taking into account the dictates of time. Fendt is known as an expensive but qualitative brand. Throughout its history, Fendt has developed a lot of techniques on the market of tractors, for example, a tractor with a front drive shaft. In 2006 Fendt introduced its 900 Series system stability on the front axle, which keeps the tractor right on the fast corners. Fendt also developed transmission Vario – continuously variable transmission for tractors. Since 1997, Fendt belongs to concern AGCO, the world-renowned company that offers tractors and farm machinery. Concern AGCO has 3900 dealers in 140 different countries. In the same line with Fendt in concern AGCO there are famous brands of tractors such as Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Challenger and AGCO Tractors. AGCO tries to save his style in the brand. For Fendt it means that they can develop their technique and come out on the market. Some other brands inside AGCO make a good use of Vario technics.In 1970 the company was acquired by caravan manufacturer Fendt Lely-Dechentreiter Maschinenfabrik GmbH, and since then caravans with name Fendt have been produced. After AGCO bought Fendt Caravan, it was sold to Hobby Wohnwagenwerk company.

Source: Wikipedia