Kabe caravans, ideal for winter sport

Kabe caravans are of top class. These caravans are very suitable for winter sport. You are looking for a marquee, an awning of a porch tent for your Kabe caravan, aren’t you? Then you have made the right choice, when contacted UNICO company.

Because of the fact that there is great difference between Kabe caravans’ shapes, we recommend you to order such a marquee or an awning, so that your tent could be beautifully stretched. A standard marquee or an awning would be less beautiful, that UNOCO goods produced according to your order. There are also porch tents in our range. These porch tents cover the back part of the caravan and also approach your camper.

Kabe caravans are named by the names of precious stones; namely, they are: Briljant, Smaragd, Ametist, Safir, Onyx, Diamant and Amber. Verona awning (of anthracite with grey or champagne with black colours) is recommended for these caravans. But if you prefer marquees, we would be pleased to offer you Genua model with a depth of 280 cm or 320 cm. Bologna also suits for caravans. This is the marquee with the easiest installation process on the market of the Netherlands. The marquees are provided in dark blue with grey and anthracite with grey colours. The combination of anthracite with grey colours is, of course, more beautiful for a caravan of such quality.

Because of the fact that we also supply our goods for Kabe caravans on order, we recommend to order them on time because of the delivery terms.

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