Solifer caravans and Unico tents on order

Solifer caravans, what could be more splendid! UNICO marquees or awnings specially produced on order for this exclusive brand with aerodynamic shapes suits it the best. Standard tents are don’t suit Solifer in the same manner, but UNICO conducts special orders for top marquees and awnings for these caravans. The front wall is completely made of polyester and is equipped with built-in window and lifted up hinged top. Rounded side plank made of white aluminum. Stable back part with strong lighting form the left and from the right.

For more than 40 years Solifer produces technically-advanced modern variants of caravans. Solifer is known as an excellent caravan for the most demanding cases and gives a 7-years guarantee of water resistance. Finnish origin of Solifer caravan is the guarantee of trouble-free camping in summer, as well as in winter. Solifer company prefers UNICO marquees and awnings, because our company is the single and one of the few, who can offer appropriate marquees or awnings for their caravans.

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