UNICO brand is represented in the range by two types of porch tents, namely by type 350 and type 500.

These porch tents are provided in champagne / black colours, and these UNICO porch tents offer more than standard porch tents on the market.

UNICO porch tents are made of Ten Cate All Season cloth, this material is also used for roof and side walls. The roof cloth is, undoubtedly, more dense. The porch tent frame consists of aluminum flexible framework with diameter of 30 mm and walls thickness of 1.4 mm. The flexible framework is height adjustable from two sides.

Three aluminum roof timbers have a metal hook on one side, which is fastened to the quick-lock system support. On the front side they are fastened by quick-acting clips to a bent pipe. Two aluminum angle supports still remain. These two supports are used for laying insulating material to reduce draughts on the caravan side.

The type 500 has also one support with a clip for a bent pipe support in the center; it can be removed by unfastening the front wall, whereupon the porch tent can be used as a awning. Stretching of flexible frameworks, supports, as well as roof timbers are conducted at porch tents by “Power-grip” clips.

UNICO porch tents differ from other analogues by ventilation possibilities. Closable ventilation windows are located in the corners of the tent, on the back wall, as well as behind it. These ventilation windows can be opened with the help of a “zip” fastener. If the front wall is subject to wind or rain, it is possible to air out from the side of the caravan.

Porch tents are characterized by canopies availability on the windows instead of traditional curtains. The advantage of these canopies on the windows is that, if it is necessary to shade the window, they can be just turned down on the windows. Thus they differ from the curtains that are hanging in the middle of the tent, while the light fully penetrates on the sides.

Besides, UNICO porch tents have detachable mudguards, what is the advantage, because they can be removed from the porch tent. For example, if you carry them in the morning, carry out dirty detachable mudguards and lay them in the morning, when they are dry. You do not need to lay the side walls or the rear wall on the boards any more, in order to wash off the attached underscreens and then dry them.

It is impossible to think of an easier UNICO porch tent installation. You stretch the porch tent through the caravan rail, install the flexible framework with the stretching strap to the caravan and insert the framework into the tunnel gutter. Then lay the roof timbers. Install the supports for laying insulating material between the caravan. And in the end you stretch the porch tent on the bottom side.

We wish you pleasant work with UNICO porch tents.