Genua marquee is sold in two different sizes

The best ANWB tested marquee. A marquee with elegant design and exclusive cloth quality. These marquees stand out for their installation simplicity, wind resistance, and a perfect ventilation system that guarantees their usage in any possible conditions. Moreover, the marquee provides detachable mudguards. Unico Genua 320 marquee has almost 40 cm in additional depth as well as two additional ventilation windows at its back side of.


Marquee Unico | Marquee Unico Genua

Technical specifications of Unico Genua marquees

  • Land level depth for Genua 280: 280 cm.
  • Land level depth for Genua 320: 320 cm.
  • Cloth material: Ten Cate All Season
  • Wall material: Ten Cate All Season Design
  • Front wall: Both panels wind off and unbuckle
  • Side walls: Wind off and unbuckle as well
  • Flexible framework: adjusts by height, aluminum 30 x 1,4 mm
  • Ridge-carriage: aluminum 28 x 1 mm
  • Perimeter size: 800-1075 cm

Number of ridge-carriages in Unico Genua

For Unico Genua 280 marquee with nominal size 14 and below are equal to three. If the nominal size is 14 and more – there should be five ridge-carriages. For large nominal sizes we offer standard ridge-carriages.
Unico Genua 320 marquees of all nominal sizes use standard ridge-carriages.

Marquee Unico | TenCate, Opti, Sioen, YKK


Unico Genua marquee

  • Color selection: anthracite/grey or blue/grey
  • Contains a 100 cm long awning canopy.
  • Weight:
    Genua 280 nominal size 10 about 35 kg
    Genua 320 nominal size 10 about 39 kg


Options for this marquee

  • We offer 280 or 320 cm sizes.
  • The detachable roof awning is about 220 cm
  • Extension
  • Porch stand
  • Internal tent for the extension

Marquee color

Marquees Unico | Marquee AntracietMarquees Unico | Marquee Grey