Awning colored by a designer

Unico Verona awning holds the top rating position among caravan awnings for the past several years! At the same time Unico Verona awning took first place award for the combined tests that were carried out by the ANWB association. On the general awning tests Verona took the first place for every tested element. This awning can be characterized by: ease of installation, absence of central support element, the look of a real house, light weight, and detachable mudguards as standard elements.

Technical specifications of Verona awning

  • Depth: at awning level – 230 cm
  • If used as an awning with front wall, at the ground level – 300 cm
  • Cloth material: Ten Cate All Season
  • Wall material: Ten Cate All Season Design
  • Side walls: can be unbuckled
  • Flexible framework: adjusts by height, aluminum 30 x 1,4 mm
  • Ridge-carriage: aluminum 28 x 1 mm
  • Perimeter size: 800 – 1075 cm
  • Including draft layer and wheel covers.

Number of ridge-carriages in Verona awning

Verona awning with nominal size 14 and below uses three ridge-carriages. If the nominal size is 14 and more – there should be five ridge-carriages. For large nominal sizes we offer standard ridge-carriages.Marquees Unico | TenCate, Opti, Sioen, YKK

Unico Verona awning

  • Verona awning is offered in the following color spectrum: anthracite/grey, Blue/Grey or champagne/black
  • Weight: nominal size 10 about 19 kg


Options for this awning

  • Detachable front curtain
  • Mudguard on the side wall
  • Set of portal-frame walls
  • Suitable wheel cover

Awning colors




Luifel Unico Verona

  • De Luifel Unico Verona is leverbaar in de kleuren: blauw/grijs, antraciet/grijs of champagne/zwart
  • Gewicht: Maat 10 ca.19 Kg.