“Zip” fasteners in Unico awnings and marquees

All the “zip” fasteners used in UNICO marquees are made in spiral way. Their advantage is that teeth can not be broken in this type of “zip” fasteners. This is the main difference from “zip” fasteners with separate teeth, which can be broken under stress.

“Zip” fasteners serve for shrinking of the cloth parts with the help of two closing chains, which enter into each other, when passing through the runner. There are two types of locks: tractor and spiral “zip” fasteners.

Voortenten Unico | ritssluiting in voortenten en luifels

“Zip” fasteners: advantages and disadvantages

Spiral “zip” fastener in marquees and awningss

  • Are used in all the brands for tent doors because of the “zip” fastener longevity, which is quite expensive.
  • The teeth can no be broken
  • Strong and long-lived
  • Quite expensive

Tractor “zip” fasteners in marquees and awnings

  • Are often used in budget marquees as the main rod fasteners, which have an impact on the price.
  • Acceptable price
  • Teeth can be broken
  • Less long-lived

Unico marquee has one spiral zip fastener, as well as Unico awning. That is, Genua marquee and Verona awning are equipped with this zip fastener of high quality.