The production of Avento caravans is, unfortunately, temporarily stopped

Dear Avento users, fans and just interested!

As you know from the mass media, the manufacturer of Avento caravans (temporarily) stopped the production of the beautiful caravan AVENTO. UNICO, producer of awnings and marquees, will continue to produce awnings and marquees, designed for Avento caravans. Thus, on your Avento you can see Verona awning of anthracite/grey or champagne/black colours. But if you use marquees, Genua and Bologna awnings of anthracite and grey colours can also please your eye.

Voortenten Unico | Avento caravans


Avento caravan in KIP company.

Since 2000 year,the caravan is manufactured by company “Kip caravans” in Hogevene. The new owners of “Kip” adopted a balanced decision. The beautiful period of new Avento caravans came to an end, unfortunately, for dealers and for you. First Avento was designed in 1964 in Merkerk, where were the roots of Avento. Of course, you can still purchase a certain amount of second-hand caravans. It means you still have such an opportunity to enjoy this unique caravan.