UNICO has developed four models especially for Hobby caravans.

Unico Verona awnings are offered with detachable mudguards in three colours version or without them: dark blue/grey, anthracite/grey and champagne/black colours. This awning is especially popular. Unico Bologna marquee, the fastest-installed tent on the market, has only one flexible framework and three roof timbers. What can be easier? Unico Genua is the best variant for a Hobby caravan owner, who would like to have a fully-equipped marquee with an awning canopy of up to one meter depth.

Both marquees can be aired out in the rain, because closable ventilation windows are located at the corner panels of these marquees. The standard Hobby tents don’t allow airing out in the rain, because of the fact that the ventilation windows should be closed, so that water doesn’t flow into through the side walls. Besides, Unico porch tent can be also offered; it occupies only half rail of your caravan.

Voortenten Unico | Hobby caravan

Landmarks of Hobby caravans

Landmarks of Hobby caravans: the 500 000th Hobby caravan was produced at the plant in Fockbek this month, notably, a special Hobby Excellent 495 UL. Hobby Excellent 495 UL — is more than just a Hobby.
This 500 000th Hobby caravan eclipsed all the previous records of caravans of this series. What is more, this model represents a certain landmark in the development of exterior design. The Hobby Caravans company history began in 1967 from the foundation of Hobby plant. In 1972, when the UEFA European Football Championship was held in Germany, Hobby plant produced its 5000th caravan with a, for the first time, galvanized series chassis. A little later, in 1973 there was another novelty: all Hobby caravans were produced with automated rear extendable ongoing brake. In 1976 Hobby company produced already 25 000 caravans, and in 1982 became a large producer of caravans in Europe.

Then this great success was replaced y regular business days: in 1983 Hobby company represented combined roller blinds, a legendary half-integrated camper Hobby 600 appeared on the market in 1984. Appearance of cassette toilets in 1987 was another landmark in the industry of caravans, and, besides, a 15000th Hobby caravan was produced that year. In 1988, when nobody supposed that the East Germany would be a history, Hobby produced Excellent 495 UL caravan.
Two years later the 200 000th Hobby caravan appeared. In 1994 was marked by the production of 250 000th caravan, and in 1996 Hobby company represents the concept “all inclusive”: with full equipment, but at the same time a light caravan, what became a peculiar credo in the end of 90s.

Excellent series was also produced since 1999 in such light version. In 2003 Hobby company opened an ultra-modern plant of vehicles for campings in Fockbek. Such models as Siesta, Toskana and Van Exclusive were successfully produced there. The history turned into this time, when in the end of 2009 a 500 000th Hobby caravan was produced, what is another landmark in a 40-years Hobby history.

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