Knaus caravans – guaranteed joy

Knaus caravans will guarantee you joy for a relatively low price. With the help of UNICO marquees and PUNICO awnings and Knaus Sport caravan you will create one sports unit. The impression of large space and full standard equipping will impress and convince everyone. Knaus Sport caravan will make all your dreams come true, speaking about the atmosphere, design and equipment level for a pleasant and carefree vacation.

The modern classic is completely renewed, and renewed marquees and awnings will suite the completely renewed, as it was made by UNICO company in case of a Verona awning especially developed for Knaus caravan. Can the classic be developed? Of course! Südwind – is the best example. The classifications are completely reviewed in the sphere of ergonomics and open settlement of the area.

For Deseo series of Knaus caravan a marquee on order is necessary because of an almost straight front wall, what is in turn even more unique at courageous ride with a far most relatively square seat. And if you have Genua marquee of UNICO company for it, there is a rounded unit.

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