LMC caravans – direction to luxury

LMC caravan, aw well as TEC affiliated brand, has chosen another strategy in 2011. At the same time LMC intends to be more oriented on more comfortable and luxurious caravans, while TEC deals with more budgetary and sports caravans. What distinguiawning LMC caravans, is that UNICO marquees are being purchased in a large amount. Verona awning is one of the most popular models among LMC transport vehicles. As you can see, Bologna and Genua marquees become more and more popular.

The model year of 2012, taking into account the latest novelties, will be held with little changes and weight necessary economy. At a later date each LMC model will be weighted and given a certificate with the accurate indication of the weight prior to dispatch from the plant. And if you want LMS caravan to be even lighter, it would be reasonable to choose UNICO lighter marquees and awnings.