A curtain with an awning – what for?

By purchasing the front curtain with Verona awning, you will avoid leaks in the rain and in fast and easy way you will create a marquee with the depth of about 300 cm. The front curtains have a door in the corners and in the center, depends on the size, two or three windows.

Attaching the front curtain in the Verona awnings.

After installing Verona awning fasten the curtain on the top. Then, on the inner side fasten the triangular panels to the flexible framework. On the triangular panels there is a tunnel trench. Once the upper side of the curtain is fastened, and the side walls will be fastened on the inner side around the flexible framework set the support stand in the center. This stand will prevent the transition of the excessive stress on the flexible framework. After installing the support column the front curtain can be pulled. The support column takes part of the front wall thus it doesn’t impede.

As an option it is possible to hang up canopies. It must be mentioned when making a purchase. Because later there is no such a possibility.

Voortenten Unico | Voorscherm bij de Verona luifel

Front curtain with an awning or with a marquee?

If you are thinking about purchasing Verona awning with a curtain, equipment and canopies, so Bologna awnings is a great alternative. Such a marquee can be used as an awning. It has standard mudguards on the windows and also provided closable ventilation windows in the corners of the marquee. There is a closable ventilation window on the ridge. Bologna marquee can be extended by the awning if necessary. There is no such a possibility in the case of Verona awning with a curtain.

We call your attention that you can then get the front curtain, but it can differ in color. It may also happen that a certain color is no longer applicable in the range, and no longer available. Therefore, we advise you to buy the front curtain at once if you are interested.

Voortenten Unico | Bologna voortent

Voortenten Unico | Ventilatie Bologna voortenten