History of “Bax Totaalrecreatie” company, the manufacturer of Unico marquees.

The history of “Bax Totaalrecreatie” began from the book. It was 1969 when a married couple Jos and Mien Bax decided to build today`s pathways at Sporthuis Centrum, which became Center Pframeworks later, in order to start the production of marquees and awnings in the small pigeonhole in Bergeijk.

The business was successful and soon the main office had been establiawning in the building, where Bergeujk Peasant Union was located before. The company hired 4 workers and it began to expand slowly. Soon after, the company started to look for a new place while the production of marquees and awnings kept expanding.

In 1976 the company bought some real estate in Eikereind region, Bergeujk. However, there were not enough space shortly and they were forced to expand. The company bought the neighboring lot number 39 while the production kept growing. Another lot of land and even more workers expanded the company to 20 people.

The variety of tents keeps developing and adjusting to new conditions. Since the 80s this collection was expanded with camping tents. The marquees sector currently experiences significant changes; the traditional framework tents are replaced with round tents. This turns out to be a great success and as a result the manufactured goods by “Bax Totaalrecreatie” company (Unico, Baco and Falco trademarks) are considered to be the best goods of this kind on the market till today. Several times these tents became winners of the independent competitions and tests among these types of products.

In 2006 the two sons of the creators – John and Mark take over the duties and carry out the last relocation. Today “Bax Totaalrecreatie” is located at Stom and occupies the area of 20 000 sq.m. The number of workers increased as well: today nearly 40 people work there.