Those who are not engaged in camping think that the owners of caravans live in their caravans during the vacations. Camping tourists know that the owners of caravans live under marquees and use their caravans to sleep only. That means that the marquee is a very important luggage item for a tourist, this explains why people demand so much from them.

UNICO company has transferred these requirements into a series of marquees and awnings that are superior on the modern market.

Whoever lacks skill can take advantage of the simple installation (DVD is provided for help!); whoever values space will benefit from the lack of central support element; whoever values temperature regulation will prefer fanfares rather than extended ventilation capabilities, and whoever wants to finish the vacation with the least possible annoyance simply enjoys the standard detachable mudguards.

Moreover, such characteristics as wind endurance and elegant view are the result of usage of beautiful materials, precise handling and unique design of curved frameworks. There are many UNICO quality assessments. The winner of the awning tests that were held by KCK company in 2007 and 2010 was UNICO Verona; at the same time KCK named only one disadvantage of UNICO Genua model – it is a lack of any disadvantages at all!

Long story short, anyone can find whatever he or she wants in the marquee or awning, made by UNICO company.