Unico marquees maintenance

  • use a lot of water and soft car brush
  • use the brush only after dampening the tent
  • after that remove all the dirt with water, using the garden hose
  • clean the tent windows in the same manner as you clean the rest of the tent
  • do not use detergents or alcohol to clean the polyvinyl chloride windows

detachable marquee mudguards Easy Clean

The biggest to-do job is to clean the mudguards of your marquee. Pull them out of your marquee and clean them thoroughly with tap water. You don’t have to strain the tent anymore, it will be enough to wash with water pieces of clay and your tent will be well strained after the cleaning. That is why cleaning your marquee is so simple and it dries up fast.

Storing your marquee

The annual cleaning procedure will significantly enlarge the operation lifetime of your marquee. The especially designed tent cloth “Ten Cate” remains beautiful if you wash it once a year. To clean the marquee use warm water and car brush. Do not apply a lot of force, work naturally and the dust will come off by itself. Finally, cleaning your marquee should be something like a tiny holiday!

Before a good clean-up you can leave your marquee on the caravan. Tourists, who are in a wood area or near the lake during the entire season, should perform a radical purge with lots of water of their marquee once every year.

Shower your marquee using a hose, leave it out to dry, pack it – and it is done.

Do not use any detergents to clean the marquee.

  • do not use soap
  • be careful with the car exhaust
  • hair spray, deodorant, insecticides etc. may corrode the saturated material.
  • be careful with the insecticides, do not spray them on tent apertures.