Installation instructions

Video with installation instructions for Unico Genua marquees, awnings Verona and Eriba Verona Touring.

We prepared and demonstrate the installation instructions on a online video, so that you won’t have difficulties with the tent installation. We hope that upon watching this video, you will find it easy to install your Unico Marquees and Awning.

Stormproof and durability are important aspects when wanting to purchase an awning. We therefore advise you to view the available instruction video when setting up.

How easy is the set up of the Genoa awning:

  • Attach the draft strip along the arched flap
  • Pull the canopy through the railing of the caravan. Then tighten the triangular rear panel in a horizontal fashion, like such, creating a triangular shape. Along the bottom, attach the supplied tent rods with the help of a strap
  • Place the pole rods without the hinged parts in the set position against the caravan and then zip it onto the tunnel
  • Put the tent rods forward with the legs facing slightly in a downward angle. Then attach the tent rods with the long lashing strap, so that the pole can not fall back against the caravan
  • Place the second tent rod with the hinged parts beneath the main roof. Specifically, on the transition point between the roof to the canopy. As the pole rod has a slight forward tilt, it will not be necessary for it to be zipped to the tunnel
  • Attach the Quick-lock brackets to the second tendon of the awning and join these onto the provided roof beams. Connect them to the frontside of the tent rods. The short roof beams can then be placed along the canopy
  • Zip in the side and front walls before starting to stretch the awning as a whole. You should assist the rods in the tent with the supplied support-sticks
  • Then continue by gradually stretching the tent around, begining at the sides of the canopy
  • Wishing you an enjoyable camping experience!

The creation of the Unico Verona awnings and the Bologna canopy are even simpler, as this awning, as well as others consist of a single pole rod and three roof beams.