Marquees have a long way of development

Marquee is a tent, equipped with a vein, which can be attached to the caravan rail, this space can be used generally as a private dwelling. Marquee of the caravan is mainly used to stay under it out of the caravan, for example, for protection from bright sun or rain. If you wish to sleep in the tent, for the different models it is also possible to make an addition to an awning, a lengthening of the marquee, where you can set the sleeping cabin to create a space free from parasites and insects.

Marquees now and before.

Previously, marquees were made of a metal frame with disparate parts, and now certain types after 60 years of their manufacturing are still on market. There are few brands that offer innovations in marquees. UNICO company is one of the few who do it. Mark UNICO – this is one of the brands of “Bax Totaalrecreatie” company of Berg Ake. Manufacturers of these tents have been producing tents already 42 years and have seen how the market changes, in such a way was born brand UNICO. The name UNICO appeared because it was the first tent, produced for the caravan. UNICO series introduced an entirely new trend to the marquee industry.

The features of UNICO: round shape, easy installation of the flexible framework, absence of the curtains, but presence of the canopies, unique ventilation system, detachable mudguards etc.

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